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"Doing it for the Kids"

St. Jude Dream Home

St. Jude Plaque #1.jpg
St. Jude plaque # 2.jpg
Landscape #5.jpg
Landscape Complete 2019 Home
Equipment on the Job at St. Jude.jpg
Land Clear 2020
Grading # 2.jpg
Final Grade 2020 Home
Progress Made on St. Jude Lot.jpg
Drone Shot of Land Clear 2020
Land Clearing Begins # 1.jpg
Skid Steer and Truck on St. Jude Lot.jpg
Landscape #7.jpg
Landscape #6.jpg
Land Clear #2.jpg
Grading and Clearing Lot 2020
Aerial View of Lot Pad cleared on St. Ju
Aerial View
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